Annual Report

In 2016, Aaron McNeil House (AMH) served 7,426 individuals; 3,273 households with Crisis Relief and Food Pantry services totaling $177,509.20. These totals include our Commodity (TEFAP) program; which is distributed on the second Saturday of each month and is a separate service from our regular Food Pantry.   The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) items are valued at $50,756.35. The total cost to AMH is only $929.96 which represents the cost of transporting the food to our agency.  This is equivalent to 1.8 cents expense on every dollar of value for Aaron McNeil House. 

We assisted 587 individuals; 200 families with basic utility assistance; totaling $19,121.85. We have invested $6,714 towards mortgage/rental payments, helping 176 individuals; 71 families.  We have also assisted 22 individuals; 13 families with medically necessary prescription medication and other medically necessary items, at a total cost of $843.27.

We fed 2,628 individuals, totaling 1,083 families through our Food Pantry; the value of the food distributed is $93,408.10.   We issued 24 individuals; 10 families’ food vouchers totaling $709.97.  Through the TEFAP (Commodity Program) we fed 4,303 individuals; totaling 2,004 households with 30,125 pounds of food.  We also distributed diapers, wipes, and personal care items to 338 families; 829 individuals, with the total value of $5,640.00.

At AMH we are a “crisis” based agency, not “income” based.  Crisis Relief services we provide are strictly based on each individual’s situation and whether they are residents of Christian County.  At times people in need may not qualify for other programs due to being over other agencies income guidelines, while AMH is able provide relief.