Annual Report

In 2017 Aaron McNeil House (AMH) served 6,403 individuals (8.7% of Christian County’s population); 2,953 households with Crisis Relief, Food Pantry, and TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) services totaling $155,748.38.

One of our most recent programs is providing monthly bus passes to those who need transportation to work or medical appointments. Started in 2016, this program helps individuals maintain employment thereby promoting self-sufficiency. We are the only agency to have a shelter for the Transit program. It provides seating for those who may walk distances to get to the stop and protects them from inclement weather. All labor was donated to construct our shelter. 

The programs here at AMH are strictly “crisis” based; for that reason, if a client stops in or calls us to request assistance with utilities or rent, a true crisis must be demonstrated. A crisis is specifically defined in the by-laws of Aaron McNeil House as a temporary change in a client’s environment, a situation that is outside of their control, and one that has caused them to be in financial distress. It is not the environment but a critical event within the environment that impairs the client’s ability to meet their financial responsibilities. Examples include: being laid off work, other unexpected loss of income, car repairs, being a victim of domestic violence, or a debilitating illness or injury.

We served 870 children between the ages of 0-17, 1,517 adults ages 18-57, senior adults 60 years and over were 314, and 139 individuals of unknown age. 

This data was collected via our database, Charity Tracker, and does not include individuals served through our TEFAP program.